Monday, September 13, 2010

Sally comes for a visit...

It's not often that Jazz gets to see Sally the Pug anymore.  For a while it was a daily occurance...then it drifted down to weekly...and now, it's sporadic.  A pipe burst the apartment where my niece & brother live, so that had to relocate everything so the complex could re-carpet.  Sally came over and spent the night.  Jazz & Sally's friendship had some bumps early on - much growling and snapping on Jazz's part and wounded pup looks on Sally's.  Over time, Jazz began to tolerate and then to play with Sally.  She's still a bit rough with Sally - even though Sally does a good job holding her own now that she's older.
Things that I noticed:
1. Pugs by nature of their smooshed nose are noisy breathers.  Sally grunts like a pig and is a bit of a barker.
2. Jazz is extremely quiet in comparison, but when Sally began barking a lot, she added in a couple of quiet woofs - just in case they were necessary.
3. Jazz only likes to play on her terms - when she wants and how she wants.  She was not fond of Sally initiating the play - I equate it to not bowing before the Queen before addressing her.
4. My bed is the most important place in the world to Jazz - she defended it from Sally while Sally slept in her crate during the night.  Kid you not, she was at the edge closest to Sally and stared down at the crate all night.
5. When Sally broke the rule about laying on my pillows, Jazz turned into a tattle tale.
6. I love the non-smell of my shiba.
7. Walking two dogs that are not used to walking together is not always a great experience but is fun to watch.
Sally has gone back home, but I was glad to get to see her for a little while.