Friday, July 24, 2009


It was recently brought to my attention that I have been slacking on updating the Queen’s blog. Well, there’s been a lot going on and we are just now beginning to catch up.

Jazz did fairly well over the 4th of July. The occasional fireworks really did not freak her out, but the back to back ones really did. She took some melatonin, but it only goes so far. The following week, we moved. It wasn’t very far, but it did take us several days. I was really pleased with how well the Queen handled the move. We’ve had a few moments of despair…like realizing that her command of “carpet” doesn’t work when there’s no carpet on the floors. Over this last week, she’s picked up on the fact that “carpet” is that piece of a rug that’s 10 feet from the door.

We’ve had one major escape and one minor. The minor one happened when I wasn’t home and she just went out to the car. The major one had her going to the ditch beside the road to go to the bathroom. We had only been in the house a couple of days, so she had not yet designated a “bathroom” spot. I was at home when the major one occurred and I really freaked. As Jazz came back, she had this look on her face of, “Really? You thought I was leaving? Puh-leeze!”

Her “area” (crate, rugs, pillows, & blankets) were some of the first things set up. I think this was a major part of her being very clam about the transition. The house is still in transition, but she has settled in quite nicely.

The pic of her is from her nightly ritual of snuggling up to either a stuffed duck or her Freddy Frankenstein. It’s tough to get a shot of her, so this was taken with a camera phone - please ignore the general crappiness of the photo.