Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bark & Giggle Boutique

When Jazz and I are out and about, I get asked all the time about her collars, leashes, and harnesses. All of Jazz's collars & leashes come from Bark & Giggle Boutique ( - if you can't find a fabric that you are just dying to have on the site (which is very hard to do!!), Pam will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect fabric. Her harnesses were by Puppia and they have done well, but Bark & Giggle has come out with a new Custom-Fit Harness that we'll be picking up this weekend. Jazz's was done in a custom fabric and ties in several of her new collars & leashes. Another friend of mine does the embroidery on her harness so that all know who the queen is. In addition, we have a dog park bag from Bark & Giggle that holds all the stuff we need at the dog park and we'll soon be purchasing one of the slings from Pam. We currently have a sling, but it is not near the quality of a B&G item!

Some may think this is blatant advertising for a company and I guess it is, but when I like a product, I want to make sure everyone knows it!! Next blog article will be about Jazz's food rotation and why I choose the foods that I do. In addition, I want to support small, local owned business that make an impact.